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New Year, New You!

It’s a new year! Took a little time off before coming back strong in 2020, and this blog is one of the commitments being made going forward. I want you to ask yourselves what are you doing for your career to make 2020 a standout year for yourself? How are you preparing your auditions? How have you organized your audition material? Who do you have on your team to make sure that this year is as effective as possible? Of course this is a blog about photography, so let me ask a few questions directly relating to that. Have you evaluated all your marketing materials?

Do they reflect who you are as a performer? Is your website up to date? Are you proud of the work that you are showcasing on it? Do your photos represent who you are today? Most importantly, how are you using your photos? Are they on your personal blog? In your email signature? Shared on your IG feed and in stories? Do you have a copy on your resume on just the hard copy you staple your resume to? Only you can answer these questions. But I’m here to help if you want advice. I am happy to let you know my opinion on some of these things, and, if need be, I’m here to help you get photos that are current, represent who you are, and that make you proud to show them off! Whatever you do and wherever you are in the process, be sure to take an hour or two to make sure that everything you have online is representative of who you are! Be sure that you are proud of what you are showing the world and those people in positions to cast you in shows. Be proactive! I am certainly here for you when the time comes. Till then, happy 2020!

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