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Reflecting on the year gone by...

With Thanksgiving having just happened, I’ve spent a little bit of time reflecting on the past year - the ups and down, the successes and challenges. I’ve been in and out of town quite a lot for work as an actor and for that I am grateful. But one of the things that I am most grateful for is that my other love, photography, has been something I’ve been able to take with me along the way.

During rehearsals for a show there isn’t much more on the mind than getting the show up and running. Learning the lines, the music, the choreography. It takes a lot of mental brainpower. Then, when there is time to breathe, it’s a matter of getting to know the cast that you’re so blessed to be with. That doesn’t leave much time for much else…until the show opens. Then it’s a different story. There can be a lot of down time, and everyone fills it differently. One of the ways that I’ve found to fill the time is to get out my camera. Whether it’s taking photos of the landscape, or photos of cast mates, it’s a joy to have the opportunity to see life through that lens.

This year, I’ve been blessed with being able to get to know some of my cast mates through the eye of the lens.

It can feel very intimidating in front of the camera, and you can feel very exposed…as though the photographer is able to somehow see past your outer shell. One of the things that I am most grateful for is that people have allowed themselves to be vulnerable in front of me and allowed me to capture their essence. It’s such a partnership. In that moment that we are working together we are both learning a lot about the other person, and it’s THAT moment that I treasure most.

So…thank you to all those who have been vulnerable in front of me…and who have allowed me to also be vulnerable in front of you.

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