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Three Tips to Nail Your Headshot Session

Be Prepared

Prep your looks before the shoot. Know exactly what you want each look to say about you and the roles you can realistically portray. Take photos using your smart phone or camera in front of a neutral, solid background in each of your looks and then analyze each look and make adjustments so that each look is unique, and perfect. On the day of the shoot, bring not only the looks you have carefully cultivated, but also some other options that you can layer onto existing looks that might work better in the studio environment. Know WHAT you want so that you can better convey that to your photographer.


· Be on time. This goes without saying, but if you’re running late, you you’re going to be stressed. Just like on set, arriving 15 minutes early is on time, and arriving on time is late!

· Consider preparing a playlist that you can play while getting photos taken. Even consider a different playlist for each look that might help you get into the headspace of each character you’re portraying.

· Bring a friend to help calm your nerves. Of course only bring someone who you know will help make the experience fun! The other benefit of having someone close with you is that they can also serve as a second set of eyes to be sure that you look your best.

Be Yourself

This is incredibly important – your photos should LOOK like you. The photographer and makeup artist have a huge impact on that BUT what you do in front of the camera should also reflect who you ARE. Don’t try to be someone that you are not. Whether your flirty, shy, outlandish, demure, confident or edgy, it’s important to be yourself. Now is not the time to try to be someone else. The photo should capture the best of you who are in this moment so that casting can get an accurate idea of who they are bringing in the room. If you’re not the sexy, mysterious lead but you’re the quirky, geeky best friend, BE that. The comfort level you’ll have in front of the camera will be seen in the final photos. So have fun and be yourself! J

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